Opening Promotion: 10% Discount for Life

Terms and Conditions


Participant – refers to the individual person to be deemed a VIP customer, as highlighted in the terms and conditions highlighted below

“Store” – refers to the Brick Fanatik Exclusive online LEGO® store in Mzansi to be found at the URL address

VIP – refers to the participant

Product/s – refers to any LEGO® branded products as procured from LEGO SA.

Life time – refers to the life time of the Brick Fanatik store and / or the physical life time of the participant. The offer will terminate once the participant is deceased or the store closes indefinitely for business, whichever comes first.

  1. Summary – This opening promotion entitles the participant to a life time discount of 10% on products found in the store. To enter the participant is required to purchase any product which is already subject to a 10% discount. The pre-allocated 10% discount will conclude once the first 10 participants have completed a successful transaction, excluding product delivery or receipt thereof.
  1. Customer allocation – The participant will be listed under the “VIP” category in the customer database.
  1. Voucher hand over – Should the participant become deceased, the life time discount can be seeded to another living person with written consent from the owner of the store. Onus is on a living relative or other entrusted individual to communicate with the store owner
  1. Eligibility – There is no age restriction to becoming a participant in this promotion. It is however limited only to potential participants who reside within the borders of the Republic of South Africa. Employees, immediate family members and agents of the store are excluded from participation.
  1. Voucher generation – Following the successful initial purchase of product/s, the participant will receive a confirmatory email with a voucher code which will then be entered to secure the 10% discount on subsequent purchases. A voucher code card may be issued by the store at a later stage. Voucher codes will be kept on record by the store owner but the onus still remains with the participant to safe guard and store the voucher code in a reasonable safe place.
  1. Scope - The promotion is limited to LEGO® branded sets boxed in their original sealed packaging. Excluded from this promotion are any Brick Fanatik branded merchandise, Serious Play facilitation services and other products which will become available from time to time.
  1. Exclusions – Discount voucher redemption excludes delivery and other current LEGO® branded product discounts. This is due to the fact the shopify platform can only accommodate a single voucher code entry.
  2. Notification – Participants will receive email correspondence confirming their VIP status. Participants will
  3. Cash redemption – The eligible 10% discount cannot be redeemed as cash.
  4. Customer Service details – email queries to or call 083 641 7050.
  5. Disclaimers – Brick Fanatik cannot be held responsible for injury, loss, damage or negligence as a result of participating in the promotion etc.
  6. Correspondence - No correspondence will be entered into and the promoter's decision is final on all matters


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