LEGO® City Jungle Explorers Jungle Starter Set #60157

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Explore the mysterious LEGO® City jungle and make amazing discoveries! Load your boat with gear and head into the unexplored depths. Look at that exotic frog! Stop and grab your magnifying glass to take a look, while the pilot keeps an eye on the giant crocodile. Watch out, there's a snake in the tree! Grab the snake stick to remove it and discover a secret space in the trunk. What will you find?


Minifigures: 3 (Jungle explorer, scientist, boat pilot)

Animals: 3 (Crocodile, snake, frog)

Vehicles: Boat

Buildings: 0

Accessory elements: Gold coins, machete, box, camera, magnifying glass and tree

Pieces: 88

Age: 5-12

Release date: June 2017

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